Private Mentoring with Cheryl Booth


Welcome!  Thanks for your interest in working with me to help you develop your own intuition, psychic and if you desire, mediumship abilities!  It is an honor to mentor those who seek guidance in this arena; I wouldn’t be doing what I do today were it not for a number of wonderful mentors to whom I owe a great debt of gratitude!


Whether you are seeking to enhance your everyday intuition as a way to live a more directed, consistently connected to Source lifestyle, or have a desire to become a professional psychic, this Mentoring program will help you jumpstart your ability to tune in and trust your own "intuitive GPS system" more fully.


There are three different Psychic Development Study Package Options available (listed below) In addition to our session times, all students who purchase a PACKAGE of six or more sessions receive the following:


A copy of my book, Johnny Angel Is My Brother, A Psychic Medium’s Journey (22 Five Star reviews on Amazon so far!)


A copy of each of my 3 CDs or in MP3 version: Be Your Own Medium, Livin’ La Vida Stress-less and Ancient Chakra Toning Secrets


Audio CDs or MP3s of any of your sessions that you wish recorded


A personalized hypnotherapy/visualization CD to help you open you intuition and reach any current goals/objectives, release any unwanted habits or thought patterns, etc.


You may use any of your sessions for a Past Life Regression, Reading or Healing, and this brings down the individual cost considerably when you have purchased a Study Package.


To be realistic, in a single one hour session, please realize there is a limited amount I can offer to you.  Especially when it comes to opening your intuition and/or developing mediumship, commitment, consistent practice of stilling the mind & applying the exercises I’ll give you are very necessary; additionally, you need to allow for ample patience with your self and remember to HAVE FUN along the way! This is very RIGHT BRAIN work.


Here are a few of the topics that will be covered:


• Opening clairaudience, clairvoyance, claircognizance - all the "clairs," really

• Psychic Protection - How to protect yourself against empathically picking up the feelings, thoughts & energy of others

• Dream Interpretation

• Remote viewing

• Developing Mediumship

• Psychometry

• Contact with Spirit Guides & Angels

• Trance channeling

• Reading auras

• Automatic writing

• Finding missing people, pets, objects

• Pet/Animal communication

• Health readings & more!


Basically whatever paths I have ventured down myself and that the individual students are interested in "ramping up" according to their unique abilities and talents, we will explore together. I provide exercises tailored to what your areas of interest and "pull" include, plus encouraging you to step outside of your comfort zone now and again and try new things.


Since everyone is unique, the program by definition must be flexible and individualized, with kind of a basic template underneath. So if there are specific areas you are most interested in really developing, we would put the emphasis on those.


In the more applied case of an ongoing Study Package (explained below) you’ll receive several reference materials to assist you in your self-study, along with interactive developmental exercises.  Much of this work (or in many cases, ALL of it, when working long distance) can be done via email and telephone. I have worked with students all over the world in this way, very successfully.


Individual Sessions


A single one hour mentoring session is $100.00.   Future sessions are only offered in the package form, because if you’re not serious about making a time, energy and financial investment in expanding your abilities on a continuing basis, yes, you'll eventually develop, but much more slowly.


Working with me or any mentor(s) for a set number of times can "jumpstart" your abilities so you’ll see and feel results and begin to help others and yourself more effectively in a shorter span of time.


Study Package Options


The following Study Package rates will save you considerable $$, and you receive a considerable discount when you pay up front.  All sessions are one hour in length. 


When working long distance, if we are focusing on remote viewing or transmitting & receiving images, etc. we will coordinate via email the time zone differences, the exercise/intent will be thoroughly explained, and then a follow-up email and/or phone discussion will compare results. 


You also will receive at least one hour reading and/or one hypnosis session with each package level purchased - again, a great savings over the individual pricing.


The preferred payment method is through   When using Paypal, please send your payment to this email address:


There is no charge to set up an account with Paypal, and it’s really very simple  However, if you don’t have or want a Paypal account, I will gladly send you an invoice with easy instructions on how to use any credit or debit card & pay THRU Paypal, without needing to set up an account with them.


Study Package Rates

A) A package of six sessions is $500.00.

B) You can save even more by purchasing a package of twelve sessions for $750.00 (brings individual session cost down to $62.50)

C) This last study package is the absolute best deal - a package of 20 sessions for $1000 (one thousand dollars total - bringing the individual price down to just $50 per hour) Some students who purchase this package ask if they may use any of their credits as Gift Certificates to give to friends/relatives, and of course, that is fine - it's your choice. But I encourage you to make sure you don’t cheat yourself out of the maximum amount of practice and skill building possible by giving away too much of your own time.

When possible, I like to schedule sessions once or twice a week, although we can do it even more intensively, say  even three times a week; or if you need to stretch it out a bit, every other week.  You do need SOME time between sessions to absorb all the learning and practice developing your new skills. 


If you want to do some of the sessions in person, that’s wonderful and I’m always open to working with you to arrange that. If you’re in the Northern California area when I’m at home there, that’s definitely possible, or when I come to a location near you to teach workshops, see clients in person, etc., we can work it out.


Blessings to you! Thanks for your willingness and desire to consider working with me.  I wish you the very best and thank you for your desire to bring and spread more Light to the planet!





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